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GFCI Not Working
Precaution is better than cure
Macro View
Roof Inspection
Thermal Imaging
Missing Mortar on Chimney
Mold in Attic
Open Slot in Electrical Panel
Gutter Requires Cleaning
Damaged Caulking
Previous Water Damage
Aluminum Wiring
Damaged Chimney Bricks
Rusted/Damage Catch Basin
Oil Boiler
Saturated Sheathing in Attic
Polybutylene (PB) Piping
Dryer Exhaust Disconnected
Caulking Required
Open/Bad Ground & Missing Cover
Vermiculate Insulation (Most Probably Contain Asbestos)
Rusted Lintel
Covered Chimney
Back Water Valve
EPS Insulation (Fire Hazard)
Amount of Insulation
Hard to Grab Handrail
Aluminum Sill Plate
Misaligned Column
Floor Damage (Chances of Pyrite)
Faundation Damage
Fuse Panel
Damaged Stair
Leakage Under Sink
Oil Hot Water Tank
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