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Home Inspector vs Good Home Inspector

Home Inspector

A home inspector is a person who inspects your house with his/her knowledge and experience, which eventually leads you to make your buying decision. An inspector could be a Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineer, construction worker or another building tradesperson.

Good Home Inspector

A good home inspector is a person who has done a home inspection certification from authorized organization, institute or college and gone through a rigorous training or on-site mentoring. Experience and communication skills always matter. He/she should have a good understanding of how structures work and how one component of the house affects other components and systems.

A good home inspector should inspect your property thoroughly and provide you with quality information, which helps you to make a wise, informed decision. Still, he/she should never tell you to buy the property or not.

A good inspector should be knowledgeable, detective/investigative, well organized, polite, a great communicator who enjoys people.

A good home inspector should also be a member of a well-established and recognized organization in good standing and must hold a general liability and EO insurance. 

“There are so many good and great home inspectors, but there is no perfect inspector, so please don’t waste your time finding one.” 


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