It is time to clean the gutters

It is time to clean the gutters

Before we get into when to clean the gutters, it’s important to understand why they are there.

What Gutters Do:

Gutters collect the water from the roof and discharge it away from the foundation with the help of downspouts, extensions and splash blocks. If the gutters are blocked with leaves, branches, debris and dirt, the water will start overflowing the gutters, or it will go under the roof shingles and get into your attic and then into your home through ceilings and walls. Always remember one thing “water is the biggest enemy of the house.” It can cause your roof and foundation to leak, can damage windows and doors. It can erode the soil around your house, which produces a negative slope towards the property, which invites water to seep into your basement. I am sure you don’t like the wet basement. Water is a breeding ground for insects, bugs, rodents, and bees. And what about the mold and mildew.

When and how often to clean the gutters:

It depends on the quantity of rainwater and the proximity of leafy trees near your house. As a general rule of thumb, at least twice a year. The first and most important time is at the end of the fall season. The second best time to clean them is springtime. Consider checking them more often if you have many trees around the house.


If you are climbing on the ladder or walking on the roof to clean the gutters, it could be very dangerous. Every year hundreds of people get injured/died falling from roofs/ladders. We advise you to hire a professional to clean them.


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