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Pre-Purchase Home Inspection or Buyer’s Home Inspection

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection or Buyer’s Home Inspection is the most popular home inspection service that a buyer must buy before purchasing a property. This property could be the most expensive and important buy of the buyer’s life. He should get an inspection done before purchase to make sure the home he’s buying meets his needs. If there are any repairs to perform, then how much they will cost and how much would be the eventual cost of the home he’s purchasing.

A house could appear in perfect condition, but you believe it or not, every home, even if it’s brand new, has some defects. A professional home inspector can find those issues.

A pre-purchase home inspection will help the buyer to make an informative decision. After getting the inspection report, the buyer can decide whether to go ahead or halt the transaction. He can repair the flaws from his pocket or ask the seller to get them fixed. He could also choose to buy the property as it is. Once the inspection completes and the buyer receives the report, he can simply determine the cost and priority of the repairs needed. It would be easier to differentiate the significant problems and safety concerns from the minor and maintenance issues. A smart homebuyer must hire a professional home inspector before purchasing a property to avoid any costly surprises down the road. Call Aman Home Inspection now to perform an inspection on your next dream home.


Footings, foundations, walls, beams, columns, floors, roofs, joists, rafters etc.


Roof type, roof covering material, roof drainage, gutters, downspouts, chimneys, flashings, skylights etc.


Wallcoverings, doors, windows, vegetation, land slope, ground drainage, stairs, handrails, porches, guardrails, driveway, sidewalks etc.


Walls, floors, ceilings, steps, handrails, doors, windows etc.


Water supply pipes, taps, main shutoff valve, drainage pipes, vents, sump pumps, hot water tanks etc.


Service drop, wiring, panels, breakers, fuses, lights, switches, outlets, GFCIs, AFCIs etc.


Heating and cooling equipment, energy sources, thermostats, distribution systems, ventilation etc.


Insulating material, air/vapour barrier etc.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection or Seller’s Home Inspection

Would you like to sell your home promptly? Hire Aman Home Inspection to perform a Pre-Listing home inspection before putting your house on the market. As reports propose, properties with a seller’s inspection sell way faster than properties without an inspection. You can profit significantly from a Pre-Listing Inspection. With this inspection service, you know the issues ahead of time. You can decide to repair some or all the flaws that can affect a buyer’s decision. Make it more appealing for buyers once it’s on display, which would eventually lead you to sell your home fast.

A Pre-Listing Inspection can protect you from last-minute negotiations, and you can also ask for a better price. A buyer would love to buy a home with fewer imperfections. He won’t mind paying a few thousand dollars extra for additional peace of mind and confidence. As we know for most people, peace of mind matters more than money itself. It’s a win-win situation. The process for Pre-Listing Inspection is the same as the Pre-Purchase Inspection.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Aman Home Inspection right now to book your Pre-Listing Inspection. Aman Home Inspection’s all inspections are performed by InterNACHI Quebec’s (AIIICQ) rigorous Standards of Practice (SOP).

New Construction Inspection

No homeowner wants to have flaws in his/her home. But in reality, every home has some deficiencies, even brand new. A new home is under the Guarantee Plan, which means the contractor is obligated to fix poor workmanship, faulty design and construction defects. Another great thing about finding the problems before you start living in the house is that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary noise and dust after taking possession.

Once you moved into your dream home, you deserve to live an undisrupted peaceful life. If you didn’t step into your new home yet or if you already moved in, but your home is still under warranty, call us to take advantage of the Guarantee Program.

A newly built home inspection is not only about finding flaws, but you also benefit from the home maintenance tips you get from the inspector. A home is like a car; the more you care for it and perform regular maintenance, the less you have to spend on repairs. Less on repairs means more savings and extra peace of mind.

A house could appear in a picture-perfect condition, but you believe it or not, every home, even brand new, has some defects. Most individuals are not aware of the fact that a newly constructed home is under the Guarantee Plan.

This guarantee often comprises the repair cost for deficiencies found within the one year, three years, and five years depending on the issues discovered. That means if you get your home inspected within that period, the builder must fix the defects at no additional cost.

Quebec Government’s Guarantee Plan for new residential buildings

Problems covered by the guarantee Guarantee period
Existing or non-apparent poor workmanship at the time of acceptance 1 year from the acceptance
Latent defects 3 years from the acceptance
Faulty design, construction, or production, or the unfavourable nature of the ground 5 years from the acceptance
Still, if you got your home inspected before purchase, it makes sense to have it checked again if it’s under the Guarantee Plan. Until you start living in the house, many problems won’t arise. As your home passes four seasons, it’s a good idea to have it inspected again. If you don’t find and document the defects on time, you won’t take advantage of the guarantee program. Either you want a Pre-Delivery Inspection, or you want to get your home inspected within one year of taking charge. Aman Home Inspection is here to assist you. Your dream home is just a step away, book your inspection today. Aman Home Inspection’s all inspections are performed by InterNACHI Quebec’s (AIIICQ) rigorous Standards of Practice (SOP).

Regular Maintenance Home Inspection

Homes are subject to normal wear and tear and damaging forces. Discovering defects and having them fixed on time can save you a lot of money and provide you with peace of mind. Maintenance inspection helps you to cut repair costs, reduce energy consumption and extend your home systems’ life expectancy. Timely maintained homes perform as intended. Aman Home Inspection’s all inspections are performed by InterNACHI Quebec’s (AIIICQ) Standards of Practice (SOP).

Condo Inspection

A condo inspection is as important as an inspection of single-family homes. Make sure you get your condo inspected before taking charge.

Probably you don’t know, but most often, the condo owner is responsible for the heating and cooling units. Malfunctioning of these can cost you thousands of dollars and unnecessary inconvenience.

Other common problems found in condo units are water leaks, caulking issues, a defective furnace or AC, insufficient water pressure, loose toilet seats, electrical and plumbing deficiencies, broken panes, faulty windows, improperly secured cabinets etc.

The status certificate outlines the normal state, which is not sufficient for the buyer. An independent professional home inspection is necessary to understand the conditions of the suite, uncover defects, find the systems and components not working as intended.

Many condominiums constructed or renovated between 1995-2007 have used Kitec piping. This brand of PEX is no more manufacturing in Canada because of many leakage problems and a class-action lawsuit. Water damage in a condominium unit can cost you thousands of dollars. The replacement cost of Kitec plumbing could vary from $5000-$15000.

Aman home inspection’s condo inspections approximately take 1 ½ to 2 hours. Time could vary depending on the age of the condo and unit area. Our condo inspection fee is less than a regular home inspection.

After the inspection, you will receive a thorough inspection report within one day that assists you in making an informative decision. You can evaluate if the unit meets your needs. Are there any repairs to perform? if yes, then how much they will cost and how much would be the eventual cost of your purchase. Condo inspection can also help you to renegotiate.

Important note: Make sure you get the condo declaration that comes with the status certificate. It will describe the common elements. Differentiate between the responsibilities of the unit owner and the condo board.

Our condo inspections cover areas and systems that are the responsibility of the owner. We concentrate on the following areas during our condo inspection:

Interiors including walls, floors, ceilings, doors and windows

Heating and cooling units, thermostats

Electrical panels, receptacles, switches, GFCIs etc.

Kitchen and restroom cabinets

Plumbing fixtures, water pressure, bathtubs, shower stalls, sinks, washbasins etc.

Hot water tanks


Depending on your situation, we offer the following condominium inspections

Pre-Purchase Condo Inspection

Pre-Listing Condo Inspection

New Construction Condo Inspection

Regular Maintenance Condo Inspection

Thermal Imaging on Condos

Thermographic Inspection

What is thermal imaging or thermographic inspection?

Every object or material releases heat or infrared energy. Hotter the object, more the heat it will produce. An infrared or thermal camera is a temperature sensor that can detect small temperature deviations. By recording those temperature readings or infrared rays, the infrared camera produces thermal images. Warmer the surfaces brighter the colours on pictures such as yellow, orange, red and then white is the extreme. Darker colours like green, blue, purple and black represent colder objects. A home inspector who is at least level 1 infrared certified can evaluate those images and find out if there are any issues

Value that thermal imaging can add to your home inspection

The infrared or thermographic inspection is an innovative, high-speed and non-destructive technique that helps to find hidden defects that otherwise difficult to detect with a naked eye. Although the infrared camera is a great tool to discover concealed defects, but keep in mind, it cannot predict the future conditions of the home. With the help of thermal imaging, backed by a moisture meter, an inspector can find the following hidden defects

Moisture Intrusion

Plumbing and roof leaks

Structural defects

Inadequate, missing or damp insulation

Air intrusion

Heat loss

Air conditioning losses

Faulty radiant heaters

Broken window seals

Ineffective weather stripping around door and windows

Electrical circuits that are undersized or overloaded

Defective wiring

Loose electrical connections

A thermographic inspection is a great way to protect your house from mold and water intrusion, reduce heating and cooling costs, minimize electrical defects etc. Overall, it’s an excellent tool to safeguard your investment. Aman home inspection uses the FLIR E6-XT, which is the most advanced Infrared Camera in the home inspection industry. Only a few home inspectors have this expensive thermal imaging camera. We offer the thermographic inspection at a very competitive price, and we strongly recommend you add this service to your regular home inspection.

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