What is a standard home inspection?

What is a standard home inspection?

A standard home inspection is a visual, non-damaging evaluation of the house based on its present condition and performance. It includes major home systems and components that are easily accessible and installed at the time of the inspection.

The typical home inspection is:

  • Professional opinion based on performance & visual examination of the home
  • Intended to recognize components that are significantly defective, unsafe or near the end of their life
  • Information to the client regarding the property to make an informative decision
  • Concentrated on significant and essential factors that can affect the buying decision, including some minor and easily replaceable items
  • Representative sampling, i.e. electrical receptacles, windows, exterior bricks, cabinets etc.

The home inspection is not:

  • Meant to discover hidden defects
  • Destructive or invasive
  • Code compliant
  • A future prediction
  • Considering aesthetic or superficial imperfections or personal taste
  • Intended to determine the life expectancy and market value of the building or its components


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